U17 Boys - Rules / Guidelines

The following outlines the rules and expectations that the coaches have of the players for the 2016 - 2017 Season:

Coach's Philosophy

Our goal is to develop your skill, tactics, decision making and maturity on and off the field. We ask you to listen, learn and implement the lessons you are taught during your time with the club. Our only expectation is that you give a 100% effort to become the best player you can. Success will be measured in individual and team improvement. Playing good soccer is our focus. Winning will be the by-product of those efforts. 

Practice - Please show up 15 minutes before practice if possible. Advice - On time is late and fifteen minutes early ready to play is on time. If you can not attend practice please text Coach Paul at 207-756-2441 prior so we can adjust our planning. 

Respect - You will be expected to carry yourself in friendly and respectful manner at all times and to all people involved in the club and the games. This includes the opposing team, referees, coaches, fans and teammates. 

Effort - Your are asked and expected to give your coach, team and yourself a 100% effort. Anything less is cheating yourself and your team out of reaching full potential.

Playing Time - Every effort will be made to play everyone equally. There will not be "star" treatment to any player. The only exception to this rule will be based on practice attendance. Failure to show up to practices on a regular basis will limit time on the field. Please note that we are aware that many players are involved in winter and spring sports and may miss practices for large blocks of time. In those instances these players will still get field time but not at the same level as other players.

Sportsmanship - Each player will practice the utmost level of sportsmanship at all times. There will be no arguing with referees, trash talking, foul language, fighting or retaliation fouls. Any of these infractions will impact your time on the field. 

Practice Attire - Shorts, t-shirt, long sleeve (in case it is cold), cleats and shin guards. Shin guards are required for practice. 

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